Before They Were Stars: Molly Ringwald Does a Raisins Commercial

It’s Molly Ringwald’s birthday today and I think it’s such a neat coincidence that she happens to share the same birthday as the late, great John Hughes. However, years before the two of them crossed paths, Molly did this commercial for raisins. No particular brand of raisins, really, just plain old raisins. I also find it amusing that she’s playing a babysitter and in case the audience wasn’t quite clear about that, she’s actually wearing a T-shirt that reads “Linda’s Babysitting Service”!

This clip also has a mini “Before They Were Stars” bonus. Don’t blink becuase just before the raisins commercial starts, you can see a very brief snippet from the end of a Popeye’s Chicken commercial, featuring a young Ellen DeGeneres! Unfortunately, I can’t find footage of the full Popeye’s commercial anywhere.

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