Before They Were Stars: Alyson Hannigan in a Terrible Short-Lived 1980s Sitcom

It’s “Nostalgia Week” here at The Back Row and I’ve been paying lip service to some terrible obscure 1980s sitcoms that I watched as a kid. I was looking for Youtube clips of a short-lived sitcom I remember watching called Free Spirit, the wacky story of a single father who hires a housekeeper to watch over his kids who turns out to be a witch with magical powers! To my delight, I was able to do a “Before They Were Stars” crossover since it turns out the teenage daughter on this show was played by 15-year old Alyson Hannigan in one of her earliest roles. Anyway, Free Spirit only lasted 14 episodes and, yeah, watching it today makes me cry out “What the hell was I thinking?!”. Still, nostalgia is a very powerful force and if I had a choice between watching crappy eighties shows like Free Spirit, Learning the Ropes and The Super Mario Bros. Show and the crappy reality shows that air on TV today, I’d choose the 1980s crap in a heartbeat!

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