Before They Were Stars: 7-Year Old Ron Howard is Taken Hostage by Johnny Cash in “Five Minutes to Live”

As a lover of bad movies, I like to collect the 50 Movie Packs that are frequently released by Mill Creek Entertainment. For $30 or less, you can buy a package of 50 B-movies from a particular genre that have gone into the public domain because their copyright has expired. The majority of these films are terrible, but at less than $1 per movie, you can’t beat the price. And sometimes, you can come across a very unique gem in those packs, and one of those was a 1961 crime thriller called Five Minutes to Live. The most interesting thing about this film is that it features a very rare acting appearance by today’s birthday boy, Johnny Cash, who plays the role of a psycho criminal! During the climax, Cash takes a young boy hostage, who is played by none other than 7-year old Ron Howard. Five Minutes to Live isn’t a great movie, but it’s definitely worth a look for curiosity seekers. Incidentally, the film got a theatrical re-release a couple years later under a much cooler title: Door-to-Door Maniac!

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