Some Highlights From the 2011 Academy Awards

The Oscars are over, and as always happens after the biggest awards event in the world of movies concludes, I feel a bit like it’s New Year’s Day: I’m groggy, a bit worn out, and filled with reflections upon the night before. This year’s ceremony was an enjoyable one. There were a good number of fun presenters, a couple of nice montages, no one important was left out of the “In Memoriam” montage (as tends to happen), and hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway did their jobs admirably. But the true highlight of the evening came from Melissa Leo during her acceptance speech. As you can see above, it was perhaps a bit more colourful than the Academy had anticipated, and the fact that it happened early on in the show just made it all the better. She makes it look so fucking easy!

Aside from Leo, the big hit of the night came in the form of the ancient but still awesome Kirk Douglas. This guy rocked the house.

Look under the cut for an auto-tuned Harry Potter remix and the Oscars opening montage, wherein James Franco and Anne Hathaway travel into Alec Baldwin’s dreams to learn the secrets of hosting the Oscars. It’s pretty fun, and features a completely inexplicable Back to the Future reference.

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