Jon Bon Jovi’s Personal Unsolved Mystery

You know that I’m your authority for posting old Unsolved Mysteries segments here at The Back Row, so to commemorate Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday today, I thought I’d post a very baffling unsolved mystery that’s tied directly to him. Bon Jovi’s song, “August 7, 4:15”, from his 1997 solo album, Destination Anywhere, is actually based on the tragic death of his tour manager’s 6-year old daughter, Katherine Korzilius, who was found dead under very mysterious, unexplained circumstances in the middle of the road of her family’s residential neighbourhood. This just missed cracking my “Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Segments” list because the case really is the working definition of a “mystery” and it’s virtually impossible to come up with an airtight solution to what happened. She could have been killed by a predator or simply died from falling off her own mother’s vehicle, but there’s compelling evidence to both support and disprove each theory. Bon Jovi himself even appears at the end of the segment to talk about the lack of closure for her parents. Alas, if someone was responsible, they’ve pretty much gotten away with the perfect crime.

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