Felan Reads the Webcomics 1: North World

North World

Some Sundays, Felan is too busy to write a full profile, so he posts his favourite webcomics instead.

Lars Brown’s North World is a clever, charming hybrid of indie-comic slice-of-life stories and high fantasy, set in a world more or less like our own, except with swords, monsters and magic. Not unlike TBR favourite Scott Pilgrim, it’s as much about fighting your personal demons as it is about fighting actual monsters. The current story is “Kailee Chronicles,” about a peppy mage unwillingly saddled with a young student, which you can read at http://north-world.com/. You should also check out the completed first story, “The Epic of Conrad,” which follows the quarter-life crisis of a warrior/accountant who specializes in giant-animal slaying.


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