Find Makarov

This is a promo for a fan film based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare called Find Makarov, and I’m a bit divided as to what I think of it. The filmmakers have clearly put a ton of work into making the movie look as close to the game as possible – the characters we see are perfectly cast, the sets are bang-on, and the scenes look like they’re straight out of the game. But I can’t help but think…what’s the point? I mean, why should I watch this instead of just playing Call of Duty? I want to be clear here: I am in no way demeaning the obviously enormous amounts of hard work that went into this project, I guess I just feel like they could have used that time, energy and money to create something new, or at least an adaptation of CoD that shows us something different. I know that, given the choice between watching this and playing the game, I’d probably just play the game. What do you guys think?

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