Before They Were Stars: John Goodman in a Foot Locker Commercial

Sometimes when doing a “Before They Were Stars” feature, I discover that certain celebrities did a LOT of commercials before they made it big and it becomes difficult to choose the best one to spotlight. John Goodman did a great deal of commercials in the 1980s in order to pay the bills, but I think the most memorable one has to be this 1981 ad for Foot Locker because I guarantee you’ve never seen Mr. Goodman look this slender before. He also did some amusing commercials for MCI and 7 UP, and in the latter one he seems to be on the verge of a Walter Sobchak-esque explosion of anger. You can also briefly see Goodman eating an Egg McMuffin in this old McDonald’s commercial, which also features a young Megan Mullally as the spokesperson!

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