E.T.: Extinction

I was never scared of E.T. when I was a kid, but boy do I know a lot of people who were. Something about that brown, squishy alien with the glowing heart, extendable neck and lightbulb finger terrified loads of my friends. Well, they can all take comfort in the fact that they were right to be afraid, because this trailer for E.X.T. (a.k.a. E.T.: Extinction) by Robert Blankenheim shows us that the lovable extraterrestrial came from a race of horrifying, evil space-fiends! I think that this is just brilliant. Not only does Blankenheim perfectly mix together clips from several movies in a cohesive way, but he actually uses clips of Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore now that they’re all grown up! And it works! I would totally watch this movie.

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