Before They Were Stars: Morgan Freeman in a Listerine Commercial

I’ve done so many “Before They Were Stars” features on big-name actors who had to pay their dues in silly commercials, but you wouldn’t expect the one and only Morgan Freeman to be among them. I’ve already covered his early tenure on the 1970s children’s show, The Electric Company, but a working actor’s gotta take what he can get in order to pay the bills, so Morgan also did a few commercials on the side. One of them was this priceless 1973 ad for Listerine, which is actually marketed around the concept of how terrible it tastes! You see, because Listerine tastes so bad, that only means it’s a lot more effective at killing germs! Needless to say, you would never find a commercial this honest on TV today. However, if there’s one man whose opinion on Listerine I trust, it’s Morgan Freeman!

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