Indian Terminator

If there’s one foreign flick that needs to be released in North America, it would be Indian Robot Endhiran. states, “Robot, or Endhiran as the original is called, is India’s costliest film. It stars Rajinikanth, arguably India’s most popular actor around the world. The film has been written and directed by Shankar, whose last film with Rajni – Sivaji – was among the top Indian grossers of all time. The film has an ambitious story to tell, that of a scientist who creates a robot that turns rogue.

All of these facts have been thrown at us right from the time the film went into production. The hype has been gargantuan, the expectations enormous. But when you watch the film, all of them go out for a toss because the expectations and hype don’t live up to the film.

Robot, simply put, is one of the most entertaining Indian films – across all languages – ever made. Do yourself a favour, and go watch Robot.”

Careful, once you see this, you’ll want more, and unless you can speak Indian or can read Russian (the only subtitle available), you’ll have to wait a while before you’ll understand what the heck is going on.

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