Before They Were Stars: James Gandolfini in “Shock! Shock! Shock!”

Now, here’s a “Before They Were Stars” feature where you would NEVER know that a future celebrity was in it if their name wasn’t listed in the end credits. Shock! Shock! Shock! is a very, VERY low-budget black-and-white horror-comedy made in Brooklyn 1987, and if the one-minute snippet I have posted here is any indication, it looks completely unwatchable. However, it does have one claim to fame and that’s the acting debut of James Gandolfini as a hospital orderly. Unfortunately for him, his entire role is spent standing in darkness so that you can’t even see his face, and his voice is also dubbed over! If you’re an aspiring actor, you probably couldn’t start any further down at the bottom than this, so kudos to Mr. Gandolfini for going on to achieve so much success.

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