Before They Were Stars: Quentin Tarantino on “The Golden Girls”

It’s Quentin Tarantino’s birthday today, so it’s time to supply you folks with a huge revelation: Quentin Tarantino and Betty White have worked together! You’d think that finding any pre-Reservoir Dogs footage of Tarantino would be difficult, but believe it or not, he once got an uncredited gig on an episode The Golden Girls in 1988. Near the end of this clip, you’ll see a large group of Elvis impersonators singing together and Tarantino is one of them. You’ll be able to spot him standing in the middle of the back row. Hmmmm… twenty-two years after Quentin Tarantino stood in the back row, a group of QT fanatics put together a website called The Back Row… it’s fate, I tell you!

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