A New Teaser For 11-11-11 Successfully Kills My Interest In The Movie

A while back, I posted a teaser for Darren Lynn Bousman’s upcoming movie 11-11-11, which looks to give Joel Schumacher’s The Number 23 a run for its money in the “evil numbers” department. Well, here we have a new, less impressive teaser, and it has completely killed any interest I had in seeing this film. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably still watch it at some point, but long after it’s left theatres. There’s no way I’m paying ten bucks to see this nonsense.

I wish there was some clever pun that I could make out of 11-11-11‘s title, but there really isn’t. It just looks totally lackluster to me after this teaser. Bousman should stick to more unusual film projects like Repo! The Genetic Opera.

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