Hey Look! It’s A New Trailer For Falling Skies!


This post would have a more interesting title if I could think of anything witty to say about this new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming TNT television series Falling Skies, but really, the impression that I’m left with after watching this is that Dreamworks is trying to take advantage of the recent craze of alien invasion movies (see Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles for examples) while at the same time focusing on a group of survivors akin to those at the center of The Walking Dead. It doesn’t look bad – in fact, it looks quite enjoyable – but I overall, I’m just a bit…neutral towards it. Maybe once I see the pilot I’ll be sold completely, but right now, well, I could take it or leave it. What do you think?

Falling Skies debuts on TNT in June of 2011.

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