Oh Boy…It’s The Governator

With Arnold Schwarzenegger stepping down from his position as Governor of California, I had hoped that he would return to acting. This…was not what I meant. The Governator is a cartoon TV series that will star Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself. I’d give a proper plot description, but really, the premise of this series is that Arnold Schwarzenegger wishes he were Tony Stark. As you can see in this ludicrous trailer, Arnie has a whole facility under his mansion, with a variety of armoured suits at his disposal. He fights crime!

I think this looks really stupid, and it smacks of family-friendly desperation. Come on, Arnie. We all know you’re a beefy action hero who specializes in killing people in gruesome and gratuitous ways. Just get back to doing that stuff, please? We don’t need your version of Chuck Norris’ old cartoon. The only good thing that could come of this would be a crossover with The Flaming C. Now that’d be sweet.

The Governator is set to come out in 2012. Yeesh.

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