George Takei Auditions For Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

With Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark floundering on Broadway, bleeding money all over the place following a lengthy list of cast and crew injuries and the departure of director Julie Taymor, people are beginning to wonder if there’s anyone who could save the catastrophic show. Well, we have our hero! George Takei has created this awesome tongue-in-cheek audition tape, suggesting himself for the part of the famous webslinger. While I was, once upon a time, interested in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, I’ve since become completely unimpressed with the show. Which is why I think Takei should get the part. I mean, why not? It would add some novelty to an otherwise disastrous play, and you just know that the die-hard Trekkies would show up to see him swing around on the wires. In fact, I say they should just get rid of everything in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark that isn’t George Takei. Now that would be awesome. Takei as Spider-Man could be the greatest thing since Donald Glover as Spider-Man…even though that never panned out.

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