Is There Hope For Daniel Radcliffe’s Post-Potter Career?

The title of this post is a real question: do you think Daniel Radcliffe has any hope of being a successful movie star following the end of the Harry Potter franchise? The teaser for his next non-Potter film The Woman in Black hit the web recently, and I just can’t see Radcliffe without seeing Potter. That aside, I think the film looks like a fun little ghost movie, and the fact that the writer is Jane Goldman of Stardust, Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class gets me intrigued. Not to mention that the Hammer logo appearing at the beginning excites me in a truly nerdy way.

But again I ask: do you think Daniel Radcliffe has the staying power of a real movie star? Will he be Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford?

The Woman in Black doesn’t have a North American release date yet.

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