Before They Were Stars: Edge Wrestles in WCW as “Damon Striker”

Due to recurring injuries, one of my personal favourite wrestlers, Adam “Edge” Copeland, has been forced to abruptly and prematurely retire this week after a stellar 13-year career with World Wrestling Entertainment. Of course, I’ve always had a soft spot for Edge because he hails from my hometown of Orangeville, Ontario, and I’ve previously featured a segment here from a WWE DVD called “Before They Were Superstars” where Edge and fellow Orangeville wrestler, Jay “Christian” Reso, were shown touring my old high school! Anyway, before he signed with WWE, Edge actually got a pair of tryout matches in 1996 with their rival, World Championship Wrestling, but WCW chose not to offer him a contract. Here’s some very rare footage of Edge wrestling as a jobber with the not-so-flattering name “Damon Striker” in squash matches against the likes of Meng and Kevin Sullivan. Sadly, I still cannot find any footage of Adam Copeland’s career on the independent wrestling circuit when he competed under the name “Sexton Hardcastle”!

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