UPDATE: One of Robin’s Top 10 Favourite Unsolved Mysteries Has Been Solved! (well, sorta)

Last September, I published a column listing my top 10 favourite segments from the TV show, Unsolved Mysteries, and I pretty much figured that most of these mysteries were destined to remain unsolved forever. However, it is my pleasure to (in my best Robert Stack voice) yell out the word “UPDATE” and announce there’s been a major development in the baffling case of Mike Riemer and Diana Robertson, which had earned the #7 spot on my list. In 1985, this couple and their 2-year old daughter, Crystal, went on an excursion into the mountains near Tacoma, Washington, but then things got REALLY bizarre. Diana was eventually found murdered next to their vehicle, Mike had completely vanished, and Crystal was found abandoned outside a K-Mart over 30 miles away! No one could figure out if Mike (who had a history of being abusive) had committed the murder and dropped off his daughter before disappearing, or if this was all the work of an unknown serial killer. Well, just a few days ago, a skull which was found in the woods a mile away from the original crime scene was positively identified as belonging to Mike Riemer! This provides some closure, but unfortunately, it’s undetermined whether he was murdered or committed suicide, and we still don’t know who actually killed Diana and drove Crystal to the K-Mart. For now, I guess we can classify this one as a “Half Solved Mystery”. This is all just a coincidence, of course, I do find it pretty cool and exciting that a case which had been cold for the past 25 years has had some major progress develop six months after I featured it on The Back Row! Anyway, here’s the original Unsolved Mysteries segment on the case:


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