Celebrity Birthday of the Day – April 16

Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the greatest actors who ever lived. He was hugely influential all over the world during the silent movie era. His “Little Tramp” character, pictured above, is a cinematic legend. Well known for the films City Lights, The Gold Rush, and The Great Dictator (among many others), he was also an accomplished composer (for which he received an Oscar for his composing efforts on Limelight). One really cool fact is that, despite believing Charlie Chaplin was Jewish, and thus hating him, Adolph Hitler was well aware of how much the world loved him, and it is for that reason Hitler grew his little mustache! And to this day, Charlie Chaplin has received the longest standing ovation at the Acadamy Awards. The ovation lasted 12 minutes and was for his honorary award at “The 44th Annual Acadamy Awards” in 1972.

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