Jeff Goldblum in 1996’s CD-ROM Classic “Goosebumps: Escape From Horrorland”

I wish I could file this under “Before They Were Stars”, but it was made in 1996, long after Jeff Goldblum had found fame. This is more like one of those obscure jobs that actors do to collect a paycheque and probably hope it will never see the light of day. Back when I was in elementary school, R.L. Stine’s junior horror novel series Goosebumps was big. I mean really big. I don’t think I knew a kid who didn’t own a Goosebumps book – I didn’t even really like them and I owned one! Goosebumps eventually became so popular that it got its own anthology-style TV series and a few interactive CD-ROM games, including Goosebumps: Escape From Horrorland, which is the one we’ll be taking a peek at today. If you skip to 2:37 in the clip from it above, you’ll get to see Jeff Goldblum in a gaudy outfit as Dracula doing a Jeff Goldblum impression. The lines the writers gave him are pretty spectacularly bad, too.

“Power…it’s what I have, it’s what I am.”


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