Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future are returning to the present from the past!

In what may be hailed as the greatest reboot idea ever, Captain Planet and the Soldiers of the Future is coming back to TV! For those of you who don’t remember it, the series was a cheesy sci-fi show that ripped off of Star Wars a lot, was primarily a marketing ploy to sell toys from Mattel, and featured some very early CGI. One of the cooler aspects of the show was that you could purchase a toy spaceship and shoot the coloured panels on the bad guys’ chests while the gun recorded your points. In other words, it was the greatest thing ever concieved.

The show also had some pretty amazing commercials, like this one where Captain Planet interrupts a cake mix ad to bring viewers an urgent message!

And now the show is getting a reboot in 2012! If there was one reason to hope the Mayan calendar is wrong, it’s this. Look under the cut for the classic Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future intro!

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