Before They Were Stars: Daniel Craig in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”

It’s no big secret that all of us here at The Back Row are greatly looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens this summer, but while this may be the first time that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford have worked together, it’s not the first time that Daniel Craig and Indiana Jones have crossed paths! You may remember a television series from the early nineties called The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which starred Sean Patrick Flannery as Indy and showcased his adventures as a young man. Personally, I always found the show to be pretty bland and clunky and never really got into it, but it did produce one episode featuring an early role for Daniel Craig as a German villain with an evil moustache who gets into a big fight scene with Indy. Sadly, since the story takes place in 1917, Craig’s character does not yet qualify as a Nazi, but if you replaced Sean Patrick Flannery with Harrison Ford, can you imagine how much ass this scene would kick today?

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