This New Trailer For X-Men: First Class Manages To Show Us The Same Stuff From The Other Trailers, But From Different Angles

Not that long ago, I lamented how the people behind the marketing of Green Lantern (am I the only one who wishes there was a “The” in front of the title?) were going a bit overboard with the number of trailers and TV spots that they’ve been releasing. Well, it looks like X-Men: First Class has a few of the same marketing folks on their team, because we’ve got another trailer for the movie, and it features a lot of new footage…much of it different shots from the scenes that have appeared in previous trailers. Thankfully X-Men: First Class is going to be released in just over a month, so there isn’t much time left for the publicity machine to go too overboard. Not that I’d really care if they went overboard, since I’m much more thoroughly convinced that X-Men: First Class is going to rock than I am of Green Lantern‘s awesomeness.

X-Men: First Class comes out June 3, 2011.

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