Before They Were Stars: Michelle Pfeiffer in “Delta House”

Before garnering her first starring role in the infamous Grease 2, today’s birthday girl Michelle Pfeiffer made her acting debut in a short-lived TV series called Delta House, which aired on ABC in 1979 and was a spin-off of the smash hit, National Lampoon’s Animal House. Even though some of the original cast members, such as John Vernon, Stephen Furst and Bruce McGill, returned to reprise their roles, the series only lasted 13 episodes and it’s not hard to figure out why the whole thing was doomed to failure. The film was enormously popular because of its raunchy humour and, needless to say, a prime time network TV version of Animal House wasn’t going to be anything but horribly watered-down. Anyway, you can see Michelle Pfeiffer in the opening credits here and even though she was a recurring cast member, her character apparently didn’t have a name and was known only as “The Bombshell”.

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