My Little Pony Reboot

Many a young girl (and I’m sure the occasional boy) watched My Little Pony back when it was on TV in the 80’s, complete with its cheesy theme song repeating the name of the show over and over again much like many other 80’s-based shows used to do.  Turns out MLP was revamped by none other than the makers of the PowerPuff Girls, complete with their style of animation and humour.

While the name implies it’s “girls only” (and really, what female can deny the insane amount of cuteness these ponies exude?), it’s definitely open for guys to watch too. The Escapist says it best:

“So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been quite enthralled with Friendship is Magic, the new My Little Pony series. I’m really, genuinely enjoying the show but I’ve been noticing a lot of people calling people (specifically 20 to 30-year-old men) who watch the show “gay” for doing so.


The show is amazingly well written (especially for a My Little Pony series), beautiful visually (seriously, this show is probably the best use of Flash outside of The Secret of Kells), and has great depth in its characters. It’s exactly what most people ask for when they say they want good cartoons.

So why are people so virulent against a well-written, well-animated, funny and enjoyable My Little Pony series but praise (and I’m pulling out a completely random name here) the god-awful Transformers movies?


While you could start on episode 1, episode 4 is a better start-point for those who want to check it out before committing to the series. Episode 4 is where you really see how great the animation is, as well as the full effect of the style of humour they use.

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