Before They Were “That Guys”: James Cromwell on “Different Strokes”

Since we just recorded a Shouts From the Back Row podcast on our favourite character actors, a.k.a. “That Guys”, I decided that a character actor theme would be appropriate on “Before They Were Stars” this week, so I’ll be temporarily changing its name to “Before They Were ‘That Guys'”. After all, even character actors had to start at the very bottom in small roles before they forged a successful career. Anyway, I thought I’d start things off by featuring the man who made #1 on the list of Cracked’s “The 20 Best ‘That Guys’ of All Time”: James Cromwell. Here’s a clip of a much younger Cromwell playing a priest in a 1979 episode of Different Strokes and all I can say is… if you’ve ever wanted to see James Cromwell, Muhammad Ali and Gary Coleman acting in the same scene together, today’s your lucky day!

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