Before They Were Stars: Colm Feore in “Friday the 13th: The Series”

When we did our Shouts From the Back Row podcast about character actors, a.k.a. “That Guys”, I debated whether or not to mention Colm Feore’s name. The actor is very well known here in Canada, but in the U.S., I’m sure many people simply know him as “that guy” who constantly pops up in supporting roles in numerous Hollywood productions (including the #1 movie in North America right now, Thor). But since this is a Canadian website, I feel quite comfortable referring to him as a “star”. Anyway, here is a clip of a younger Mr. Feore (with hair!) in an episode of the 1980s American-Canadian horror TV series, Friday the 13th. If you’re wondering where the hell Jason Voorhees is and why the opening scene from this episode looks like it belongs in Black Swan, that’s because… well, the series didn’t have a god damn thing to do with the Friday the 13th movies! It was originally titled The 13th Hour and its storyline revolves around cursed antiques causing people to do evil things, but someone thought that attaching the Friday the 13th name to it might fool more people into watching. I guess it worked since the show managed to last three seasons. Anyway, in this episode, Colm plays a demented ballet teacher who uses a cursed music box to cause his students to dance themselves out of a high-rise window!

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