Before They Were Stars: 14-Year Old Sarah Silverman Sings on “Community Auditions”

These are the pieces of “Before They Were Stars” obscurity that I love, showcasing a future celebrity while they performed in some obscure small-time production before they set out on their quest for fame. When Sarah Silverman was 14 years old, she appeared on Community Auditions, a local Boston television show that originally went on the air in 1950 and pretty much beat Star Search, American Idol and all the others to the punch with its format of holding a talent competition each week where viewers could vote for the winner. Back in those primitive caveman days, viewers would have to vote by *gasp* sending in postcards! Anyway, this footage was originally unearthed when Sarah appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and her former beau decided to surprise her by revealing her secret past to the world.

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