Before They Were Stars: Jack Black in “The Neverending Story III”

Looking back over Jack Black’s filmography, it’s amazing to see that before he found stardom, he had a LOT of bit parts in some pretty major films and TV shows. In fact, you’ve probably seen these many of thse films, which include such notable titles as Demolition Man, Bob Roberts, Dead Man Walking, Waterworld and The Cable Guy, but had no idea Jack Black was even in them. Anyway, Jack’s first sizable role was playing the head bully in The Neverending Story III, a sequel so bad that it sat on the shelf for two years before it was officially released. Keep in mind that he was about 25 at the time this was filmed, but they’re still trying to pass him off as a high school kid. Anyway, since there are so many old Jack Black clips out there to choose from, here’s some bonus footage of him in Waterworld.

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