Celebrity Birthday of the Day – May 20

Don’t worry; that’s not Josh Duhamel. It’s Timothy Olyphant! Mr. Olyphant is an actor who has only been working since 1996, but who has recently come very close to achieving successful leading man status. I first took notice of him in Scream 2, in which (SPOILERS) he played one of the killers (END SPOILERS). I thought he was great in that role. Then I saw him in Go, and a small role in Gone in 60 Seconds. He had a bigger role in Dreamcatcher and The Girl Next Door. It was in 2007, however, that brought him a lot of attention, as he played the main villain in Live Free or Die Hard. He was finally given a leading role in Hitman, and a main role in A Perfect Getaway, and another leading role in The Crazies. He can also be seen in I Am Number Four.

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