Frying the Coke

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the phrases “Jump the Shark” and “Nuke the Fridge”, and even our own TK has coined a wonderful Back Row-trademarked phrase called “Passing the Cactus”. Well, the Nostalgia Critic has just recently come up with a brand new phrase called “Frying the Coke”, which can probably best be described as a moment when a movie character uses an implausible item or action (usually an object of product placement) to overcome impossible situations with spectacularly awesome results. He came up with this during his review of the notorious Jean-Claude Van Damme/Dennis Rodman action flick, Double Team, which features one of the most ridiculous climaxes in motion picture history. As if the idea of JCVD and Rodman fighting Mickey Rourke (when his career was at an all-time low) and a tiger in the middle of the Roman Colosseum with a little baby on the ground surrounded by land mines wasn’t silly enough, the whole sequence concludes with our heroes surviving a massive explosion by hiding behind a Coke machine! You can make the obvious comparison between Indiana Jones using a fridge to survive a nuclear blast, but at least there was no product placement in that scene. Here, Coca-Cola actually paid for the privilege of implying that they are powerful enough to shield you from an explosion! I don’t know how much “Frying the Coke” is going to catch on, but you’ve really got to see this scene for yourself to believe it!

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