Freddy’s Greatest Hits

Freddy Krueger is one of the most famous movie slashers of all time, but not many people realize just how famous Freddy was during his heyday. Even though the Nightmare on Elm Street films were obviously geared towards adults, loads of Freddy merchandise targeting kids was produced. From toys to costumes to stuffed Freddys, even the youngest fans of the series could find enough Freddy junk to fill a house. Perhaps the most ridiculous piece of Freddy memorabilia ever released was an album of songs called “Freddy’s Greatest Hits”, which featured Robert Englund as Freddy singing along to doo-wop-y pop songs of yesteryear, accompanied by some backup singers. So, seeing as it’s Robert Englund’s birthday, I hereby present to you the entire album, which can conveniently be found on Youtube!

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