Bye Bye, Bad Penny

Alex Lexitricity, director of the awesome music video for Gentlemen in Squalor, has forwarded us more of her work with this vaudeville punk ditty by the group Jarmean? Here’s the inside scoop from Alex herself:

It features burlesque artiste Ophelia Bitz in the title role of ‘Penny’ who I literally found after googling “bawdy wench”. True story. A modest little promo with big aspirations, it was filmed on the coldest day in half a century and the band suffered a mild dose of hypothermia as a result. But despite the deep freeze and modest budget, the promo went on to win the Radar Award for best music video at the London Short Film Festival back in January and is currently up for the Limelight Film & Arts Awards on 23 June. It was also nominated for ‘Best New Talent’ at Musiclip Barcelona, the 2010 Rushes Music Video Award and was showcased by the BBC Music Video Festival.

Who knew that the tuba and the ukelele could compliment eachother so well? Now I’m going to have this stuck in my head all day.


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