Before They Were Stars: George Clooney on “Baby Talk”

Television has produced numerous failed series which were based on movies, but few of them were a bigger trainwreck than the short-lived Baby Talk. Inspired by the popularity of the Look Who’s Talking movies, Baby Talk was a sitcom that was built around the gimmick of a baby providing their thoughts via voice-over narration and this time around, Tony Danza was hired to do the voice. Things went horribly wrong right from the outset when the lead actress, Connie Sellecca, decided to quit the series after a few episodes had been taped. After a delay, they finally shot one full season with a new actress, Julia Duffy, but her role would be recast yet AGAIN with another actress, Mary Page Keller, for the second season, which did a complete reboot by dropping all the other characters from the show and pretty much starting from scratch. ABC finally took Baby Talk out behind the woodshed and put it out of its misery soon afterward. Anyway, one of the characters who was cut from the show after the first season was a construction worker named Joe. You’ll recognize the actor playing him as the one and only George Clooney and this is a rare chance to see him with long hair and a New York accent!

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