Before They Were Stars: David Hasselhoff in “Starcrash”

Today’s Shouts From the Back Row podcast examines the films of director Luigi Cozzi, who has an untouchable legacy for making hilariously cheesy B-movies which are blatant ripoffs of hit blockbuster films. His Star Wars knockoff, Starcrash, is probably the most infamous title in his filmography, but you have to give Mr. Cozzi due credit for one thing: his film was instrumental in unleashing “The Hoff” upon the world! Four years before Knight Rider made David Hasselhoff a household name, he played the prominent role of Simon, the Emperor’s son, in Starcrash, only the second film role of his career. If you think Star Wars would have been infinitely better with David Hasselhoff instead of Harrison Ford, then Starcrash is the movie for you! For legal reasons, I must state that any similarities you see to George Lucas’ film in the following clip are entirely coincidental.

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