Before They Were Stars: 14-Year Old Ryan Reynolds in “Hillside”/”Fifteen”

With The Green Lantern being unleashed in theaters this weekend, it’s only appropriate that I showcase just how far Ryan Reynolds has come. At the age of fourteen, Ryan made his acting career in a Canadian-produced teen drama series which aired under the name Hillside on YTV in Canada and aired as Fifteen on Nickeleodeon in the United States. It was basically presented in the form of a traditional soap opera, except that all the characters were teenagers and it dealt with serious teen issues. I know that some people like back at Fifteen/Hillside with fondness, but most of the clips I’ve found for this show are hilariously bad (just TRY not to laugh at the exchange between young Ryan and his sister about hiding in the shower!). It’s also worth noting that the blonde girl in the first clip is played by Laura Harris, who went on to have quite a successful career herself in such projects as The Faculty, 24 and Dead Like Me.

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