Rob Zombie’s Laundry Detergent Commercial

After watching this laundry detergent ad, it should come as no surprise whatsoever to learn that it was directed by grisly horror moviemaker Rob Zombie. Finally, advertising that’s directed at all the serial slashers out there. It’s tough to get blood stains out, man. Here’s the scoop on it from Zombie himself:

“It was an interesting situation to handle. It was just one of those projects that came to me. I wasn’t searching out shooting a commercial. A lot of directors do commercials, but most of the time they don’t talk about it so you don’t realize it. I just thought it was cool so I’d been mentioning it. I was on tour in Australia when it came up. I got a call that this ad agency had pitched this crazy idea to Woolite, and they wanted me to direct it. They essentially wanted a commercial that the first half resembled a horror movie trailer. They needed something along those lines, and they thought I could handle it. It was fun. We shot it over two days in Vancouver. My director of photography who worked on Halloween II came in and worked with me. I like doing things like that for the experience. It was like when I did CSI, I wanted the experience of doing a television show. You just want to have it under your belt. Also, the more direct gigs I can get between films, I always learn something from everything”

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