Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 4

Gloria Stuart is a classic film actress with such credits to her name as The Invisible Man, Maybe It’s Love, Poor Little Rich Girl, The Three Muskateers (1939), and It Could Happen to You. Of course, modern audiences marvelled at her emotion and passion as old Rose in Titanic. She died last September at the age of 100. Now one of my biggest pet peeves is when news articles would say that her character in Titanic was 101, and she lived to be 100 in real life. Well, I would like to draw your attention to a line from the film:
“If she did survive, she’d be over a hundred by now.”
“A hundred and one next month.”
There you go. She was 100 in the film. Sure, she was CLOSE to her 101st birthday, but wasn’t there yet. The movie ended and she was still 100. So she died at the age of 100 in the film and in real life. And don’t worry; I know very well that no one cares about this fact as much as I do.

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