Before They Were Stars: Aaron Eckhart on “Aliens in the Family”

I’ve already covered Aaron Eckhart’s breakthrough performance in the underrated independent film, In the Company of Men, but a year before that, he made a very brief appearance in one of the more ill-advised sitcoms of all time. Executive produced by Jim Henson’s son, Brian, Aliens in the Family was built around the concept of human actors interacting with alien puppets to the tune of canned laughter. It told the story of a single dad being abducted by an alien single mom, but the two of them eventually fell in love, got married and decided to live together on Earth as a mixed family. It was inserted into ABC’s TGIF lineup in 1996 and despite the relatively low standards of that target audience, Aliens in the Family only lasted a total of eight episodes. Anyway, Aaron Eckhart’s part in this episode consisted of only one line of dialogue and you can briefly see him at the 6:33 mark of this clip.

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