A Hasslehoff Extravaganza!

It’s David Hasslehoff’s birthday, and if I wanted to, I could easily fill all of today’s posts with ridiculous Hasslehoff stuff. But really, I’m not that huge a Hasslehoff fan, so I’m going to lump some of the best Hoff material into a single post: this one! Above, you can see the music video for Hoff’s rendition of Hooked on a Feeling, which, all things considered, isn’t too bad. Not as bad as, say, Hasslehoff playing Nick Fury! That’s right, before Samuel L. Jackson took over the part in the recent glut of Marvel superhero movies, David Hasslehoff played Fury in a terrible made-for-TV movie. Oddly enough, Hasslehoff’s appearence as Nick Fury is a lot closer to the way Fury looks in the comics – the character was originally caucasian, after all. But nobody’s cooler than Sam Jackson, so I can’t really argue with him being cast.


Perhaps one of the best known David Hasslehoff videos in recent years is his infamous drunken burger video. For a long time, the Hoff was an alcoholic, and in a bid to show him just what an embarassment he was, his daughter videotaped the Hoff drunkenly trying to eat a burger. The ploy worked, and Hoff is now sober. I honestly can’t decide if this video is sad and pathetic or hilarious. You make the call.


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