The Not-So-Subtle Similarities Between The Amazing Spider-Man and Mirror’s Edge

After the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man debuted this week, people began to cry foul as the last sequence of the preview – the first time we actually get to see Spidey in costume – looks remarkably similar to the parkour game Mirror’s Edge. Now Youtuber cvg has put footage from the trailer and the game back-to-back so we can really see the similarities, and I’ve gotta say, they do look a lot alike. Since both properties are owned by Sony, I suppose it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that they used footage from one of their properties. A similar “scandal” happened recently when Michael Bay reused two shots from The Island in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but whereas I thought people were making a big deal over nothing in that case, I think that this is pretty sloppy on Sony’s part. Mirror’s Edge was a really cool game, but its style is instantly recognizable because, well, it’s unique to see a running game from a first-person perspective. But on top of that, in a trailer that I already found to be lackluster, I was hoping the first reveal of Spidey would be something to get excited over. Because the sequence, the climax of the preview, was so similar to Mirror’s Edge, I found it distracting instead, and therefore dissatisfying. What do you guys think? Am I being hypocritical?

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