The Superman Returns Opening Scene That Didn’t Make It

This deleted opening scene for Superman Returns was recently released on the Superman Anthology Blu-ray collection, and it has me a little baffled. I enjoyed Superman Returns well enough – it may not have been the best film ever made, but I enjoyed how it harkened back to the tone set by Richard Donner’s original film – but I’ve always felt that the “returns” part of the title was a bit lacking. We never got to see Brandon Routh’s Superman on Krypton, and thus it wound up feeling (to me, anyway) like Superman was never really gone. But now we have this opening scene where Supes is on Krypton, flying around in a crystal ship! I have no idea why this scene was deleted – IMDb doesn’t even mention it – but I think it’s enjoyable enough that it should have had a place in the final cut of the film. I mean, why not? This is hardly a scene that would make-or-break the movie. What do you guys think?

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