Five More Tantalizing Minutes of Diablo 3

People are all up in arms about some details about Blizzard’s much-anticipated threequel to the Diablo trilogy that started way back in 1997. The game won’t be playable without an internet connection, there’s no support for mods, but most importantly: there will be an in-game auction house where players can buy and sell virtual goods using real-world money. Folks on the net have been freaking out about that last one, and in my opinion, it was for no good reason. I actually had some friends who made a lot of money selling Diablo 2 items online using auction sites like eBay – so why not make it officially sanctioned if people are going to do it anyway? We already spend real-world money on DLC and items for games like Team Fortress 2. What’s the big deal about this? Well, of course that’s a hypothetical question: people are worried that other players with more assets will be able to buy their way into more power. But isn’t that kind of how things work in the real world? I put it to you, readers – do these Diablo 3 details bother you? Or are you, like me, just plain old excited to play the game after such a long wait?

Diablo 3 comes out…whenever Blizzard feels like releasing it.

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