The Louis CK/Dane Cook Confrontation We’ve All Been Waiting For

One of the first things I ever wrote on The Back Row was about my love of the comedy styling of Louis CK. Louis’ jokes and sense of angry white-guy humour never fails to make me grin, and I also love his TV series Louis. I’m also a fan of Dane Cook, though not quite as big a fan, and I’ll admit that part of that is because of how many people have accused Cook of stealing CK’s material. I’ve never really held it against Dane, but a reputation for being a plagiarist is a tough one to shake, and I’ve always wanted to see the two comedians sit down and talk through the issue. Well, I’ve gotten my wish. It’s the Louis CK/Dane Cook confrontation I’ve always wanted, and surprisingly, I came away from watching this with huge respect for both guys. It takes big men to admit they both have itchy assholes.

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