Start the (Dance Dance) Revolution

This trailer for The FP has been making the rounds on the internet lately, being hyped as The Warriors with a Dance Dance Revolution twist, and guess what: I’m sold. Totally sold. I don’t care if the movie turns out to be completely dumb, I’d love to shake the hand of the guy who dreamed this up. It’s just so way-out-there, and has a terrific low-budget feel to it. Check out this plot summary:

Accompanied by his brother JTRO, Beat-Beat Revelation champion BTRO must compete for the pride of their hometown, Frazier Park (The FP). His opponent: ruthless fighter and trash talker, L Dubba E. L Dub not only defeats BTRO, he sends him to an early grave. L Dub’s instant climb to power has forced The FP to fall into disarray. Crazed with anger, JTRO vows revenge. After a crash course in the ancient techniques of Beat-Beat from master BLT, JTRO challenges L Dubba E. Their battle to the finish, born of lust, power and revenge, will leave only one man standing.

Amazing, simply amazing. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, take a gander at this equally amazing poster by artist Tyler Stout:

(Click the image for a larger view)

Unfortunately, The FP doesn’t have a distributor yet, but I’m going to see this movie…one way or another.

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