Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 11

Even if you’ve never watched a professional wrestling match in your life, it’s a guarantee that you’ll still know the name Hulk Hogan, brother! On January 23, 1984, Hulkamania was officially born when the Hulkster defeated the Iron Sheik at Madison Square Garden to win the World Wrestling Federation title and become the most famous wrestler of all time. One of my earliest wrestling memories was watching Hogan shake the foundations of the Pontiac Silverdome by bodyslamming the 500-pound Andre the Giant in front of 93,000 fans at Wrestlemania III, and I was there live in attendance as an 11-year Hulkamaniac to watch the Hulkster and the Ultimate Warrior blow the roof off the Skydome at Wrestlemania VI. I returned to the Skydome 12 years later for Wrestlemania X-8 to watch Hogan make his big return to the WWF to clash with The Rock and watching 68,000 fans go absolutely batshit insane for the guy is one of the loudest, most surreal experiences of my life. While I do think he should have retired from the wrestling business a long time ago, I cannot deny the guy’s phenomenal success as he’s done it all and managed to achieve mainstream crossover appeal in such fields as film, television, music and even (as you can see in the above photo) a short-lived restaurant called Pastamania. The Hulkster turns 58 today and would still like to advise you all to train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins and ask yourself: “Whatcha gonna do when the 24-inch pythons are wrapped around you?!”.

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