Before They Were Stars: Jim Carrey in “Copper Mountain”

Yesterday, I posted a “Before They Were Stars” supercut which featured a lot of early celebrity roles I haven’t covered yet, one of which is Jim Carrey’s infamous Canadian film debut, Copper Mountain. As you can see by the DVD cover, the distributors have utilized a popular trick for releasing shitty movies that feature an early performance from a big-name star: photoshopping a current picture of said star onto the front in order to fool customers into believing that the film is a recent one. After a customer sees it in a bargain bin somewhere, they buy it at a cheap price and believe they got a great deal, only to discover that the movie was made in 1985 and barely even qualifies as a “movie”. The “story”, such as it is, involves Carrey and Alan Thicke playing a pair of friends who visit a Colorado ski resort… and pretty much do a big pile of nothing! Far be it for me to question the credibility of director Damian Lee, who gave the world such classics as Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe and Death Wish V: The Face of Death, but the whole movie runs a grand total of 60 minutes, and more than half of that consists of live musical performances and stock footage of people skiing! Despite being the lead character, this three-minute clip probably showcases about 30-40 % of Jim Carrey’s role in Copper Mountain.

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