Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Diane Lane and Anthony Michael Hall Acting with Kenny Rogers in “Six Pack”

Since Gill selected Kenny Rogers as his Celebrity Birthday of the Day simply as an excuse to show a classic scene from The Big Lebowski, I thought I’d also use it as an excuse to take a look at Mr. Rogers’ brief foray into acting in a not-so-classic film named Six Pack. When I was a very young boy, I remember watching this silly 1982 comedy, which starred Kenny as a race car driver who winds up being a surrogate father for six orphaned kids. This would be the first and last attempt to try and turn Kenny Rogers into a movie star, but the film did feature some notable young talent as two of the orphans were played 17-year old Diane Lane and a pre-John Hughes 14-year old Anthony Michael Hall. In this scene, Kenny and his young orphan friends manage to outrun a wacky pair of bumbling Southern cops, so you should pretty much get the idea what type of movie Six Pack is.

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